Too Much Information.
Too Many Wallets.
Too Much FOMO.

Information should be free, but it should also be personalized. There’s no shortage of content out there at our fingertips, but we wanted something easy to use, customizable and timely. In the digital asset world, we should also be DeFi focused and personalized.

Notifs is your personal crypto notification app that keeps track of your digital assets while you’re on the go.

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Create a portfolio and add an unlimited number of transactions. Get a breakdown of your best performing token, and see an aggregated view of what's happening in your digital asset portfolio.


Create custom notifications for the tokens that you want to track. Price change, % change, 24H change: monitor what's going on and get alerts to help you make informed decisions.

Web 2.5

You have the choice. Log in with social media, an email address or don't log in at all. Decide how you want to save your information with us.


of companies agree
personalization is critical,
but customers want
companies to do it better.

(Twilio State of Customer Engagement Report 2022)


[coming soon] April / May 2023
Notifs 1.1.4
Updates to UI/UX, Referral codes and more
MARCH 2023
Notifs 1.1.2 & 1.1.3
Historical transactions, custom notes and candle charts
OAX Foundation Launches Notifs
App Store and Google Play Submission Approval
App Store Submission
MVP Friends and Family Launch
JULY 2022
Launch POC
MARCH 2022
OAX Foundation gives Notifs the Green Light
Ideation and Conception

Frequently Asked Questions

We cover some of your questions, not all. #IYKYK Still got questions?
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What is Notifs?

To put it simply, we’re a DeFi portfolio. But we’re trying to bring a level of customization that we haven’t found on any other platform so far. This is just the beginning for the Notifs app, and we’ll slowly add on more features as we go. We want to be your curated content feed, with custom notifications that alert you of things that are essential to you.

By customizing news, integrating your personal notes, and mapping out relevant trends, Notifs strives to become your one-stop aggregator, supported and empowered by OAX Foundation.

Can I trade on your app?

No, Notifs is a DeFi portfolio. We do not offer access to financial services; we’re not a broker, financial institution, intermediary, agent, advisor or custodian.

Can I connect any wallet I want to my account?

We allow you to manually create your Portfolio and add an unlimited number of transactions for the time being. Later updates of our app will include the option to add your blockchain addresses.

What data do you track?

Depending on how you sign up for an account, we will have your email address or your social media account sign in.

We may on occasion have access to additional information: i.e. if you proactively reach out to us on social media or email us for account troubleshooting. We’re not looking to track personal information, but sometimes it's inevitable! Find our Privacy Policy below.

Why do you ask me to sign up with an email if we’re talking about a DeFi portfolio?

We struggled with this as well. We believe it should be a choice you should make. We’ve provided options to log in with social media or your email address in addition to an option to use with no sign in at all. Using social media logins or creating an account allows you to transfer your settings and details when you change your phone or device without losing your information. Saving it locally to your device means you have to set up the notifications and transactions again every time you change your phone or device.

The other log-in options are there for your convenience, you should have the option to choose!

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